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VW Transporter

We see a lot of Volkswagen Transporters through our doors at Ultimate Audio. Whether it’s a T5, T6 or the new T6.1 the audio systems are all very similar and easy to upgrade.

The packages below are to give you some inspiration and ideas on what is possible. As the VW Transporter is modified to so many different styles, whether it’s your work vehicle, day van or fully
converted camper, Ultimate Audio has got you covered.

We offer simple solutions from a basic 2-way speaker upgrade all the way to a high-end, complete audio system. The possibilities are endless and we can tailor the system to your exact individual

Image shows a VW Transporter T6 door with our level 2 full sound deadening along with upgraded speakers & speaker baffle / water guards

VW Transporter speaker upgrade

Audio Upgrade Prices

Please note that these are not the only options available and we have other packages in between and above everything listed below and can all be tailored to your exact requirements so get in touch with Ultimate Audio today to find out more.

Starter Upgrade

Our stage one option would be to upgrade the front speakers, this can be achieved using X-Fire, Audison or Hertz speakers depending on your listening preference. The doors would also be treated with our level 1 basic sound deadening.

Prices Start from:


Musical upgrade
Full hidden system

This option would upgrade the front speakers to Audison VOCE, (door speakers & Tweeters)

The front doors would be fully treated with our level 3 sound deadening, so that you get the best performance from the new speakers as-well as reducing some of the road noise that enters through the doors.

A 10” Hertz Cento subwoofer would be fitted under either the passenger or driver’s seat. An Audison SR 4.500 amplifier would be used to power the complete system. This is a great amplifier with built-in USS (universal speaker simulator) so the OEM stereo does not see any fault’s when the factory speakers are disconnected.

Adaptors would be used so that there is no damage to any of the vehicle’s factory wiring.

Main equipment;

  • Audison VOCE 2-way component speakers
  • Hertz Cento 10” subwoofer
  • Audison SR 4.500 amplifier
  • Three stage Skinz sound deadening applied to front doors (level 2)
  • Connections BEST range cables used throughout

Prices Start from:


Alpine Halo upgrade

The Alpine Halo 9” Floating touch screen is a great addition to the VW Transporter and is a very popular choice. It includes; Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, online navigation capability, DAB+ digital radio, USB video playback, Bluetooth hands-free and audio streaming and much more with this amazing product.

You also get high-end sound quality and sound tuning options with this great system from Alpine.

The 9” touch screen’s height and angle can be adjusted, as can the distance it sits from the dash. This helps not only with the look, but also with eliminating any glare from the sun on brighter days. If your Transporter has factory parking sensors, Steering wheel controls, reversing camera, this can all be integrated to work seamlessly with the Alpine Halo.

Prices from £799*

*Price depends on vehicle specification

Alpine Halo VW T6

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