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Sound Deadening, Insulation & Carpet Lining

We offer a professional tailored van carpet lining service at our workshop in Bromsgrove.


Whether you are converting your vehicle to a camper, or just want to upgrade it with a fresh new look; we offer a professional carpet lining solution, which, together with sound proofing and insulation; can transform your vehicle into something truly special!

We only use high quality four-way stretch carpet for carpeting and lining our conversions. The four- way stretch allows us to achieve a superior level of fit when applying the carpet to rounded surfaces such as wheel arches & window recesses.

Vehicle Carpet Lining

your van:

Insulating your van will not only keep you warmer, but it will also prevent condensation from collecting on metal surfaces (and there are lots in a panel van) which can cause rust.

Moisture is created by: cooking, drying wet gear, and most of all; breathing. Whilst you can’t prevent moisture build up on windows, having the panels insulated will make your van last longer. Good ventilation is also key to maintaining a dry and comfortable camper van.

Why insulate your van?

Insulating your van will help:

  • Retain heat in colder weather
  • Maintain cooler temperature in hotter weather
  • Prevent moisture build-up and rusting
  • Improve sound-deadening properties
Vehicle Insulation


Why sound deaden your vehicle?

  • Reduce road, engine and wind noise
  • Improves the acoustics inside your Van or Car
  • Improves the overall comfort

When attempting to make a vehicle quieter and more comfortable to drive, there are 3 steps that are used:

The first step would be to use a sound deadening mat, which is designed to stop vibrations. Vibrations are caused in the vehicle from the engine, the tyres and general road noise; the metal panels inside and around the vehicle then resonate and are essentially amplified to a noise that you can hear. By applying a sound deadening mat to the metal; the vibrations will be dampened, and the vehicle will instantly seem quieter.

The second step is to absorb any airborne noise that is still present and coming through the doors, the floor, or the roof. A range of foam-based products are used to achieve this.

Closed cell foam has both the benefits of superb thermal insulation & acoustical absorption.

Wave diffusers might be used because they can absorb up to 40% more sound than plain material.

Foam materials are also great for preventing any plastic panels from rattling or squeaking.

The final step is to apply a MLV (mass loaded vinyl). This is designed to block and absorb any unwanted sound waves. This is recommended for use on the cabin floor, bulkhead and boot floor once the panels have been already treated with the sound deadening mat.

Sound Deadening

If you require carpet lining, sound proofing or insulation for your vehicle call our sales team for a quote and ask how we can give your van that quality look and finish!


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