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DAB Radio

If you’re a fan of listening to the radio when you’re on the move, then you’ll love having DAB radio in your vehicle!

Digital radio is the best way to listen to your favourite stations! It gives you access to a wide range of digital-only stations from DAB that are all crystal clear and can be fully, partly or independently installed in your vehicle.

There’s something for everyone on digital radio… From jazz to rock, classical to hip- hop and speech to sport, there’s a station to suit all tastes!

Install an in-car digital radio system and you’ll also benefit from:

  • Increased sound quality: no more hissing or crackling.
  • Easy tuning: find the station you want to listen to by name ,not frequency.
  • Detailed information: digital radios display detailed on-screen information, including track and artist listings.
  • Pause and rewind: some digital radio systems also incorporate pause and rewind functionality.
DAB Radio

DAB radio upgrade options

There are a number of ways to add DAB radio to your vehicle and we offer a wide range of upgrade options.

Replacement stereo

If you want to improve the sound in your vehicle, the best option would be to change the stereo for one that has integrated DAB.

Not only will this give you better audio, but it will also give you features that the factory stereo may not have such as: Bluetooth, USB, DVD, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto.

DAB+ upgrade

This type of system is available for any vehicle.

We can supply and fit an interface that will link to any type of stereo screen offering on-screen display that gives you full control of the radio stations and allowing you to store them into the system’s memory.

This is all controlled via a small, handheld remote control or via an App on your Smartphone. The unit is fitted and hidden out of view.

DAB Antennas

When upgrading your vehicle to DAB, you also need to upgrade the antenna to ensure that it will pick up the digital signal; there are a few ways to do this depending on your vehicle:

Roof Mount antenna

A roof-mounted antenna is always best, as it’s outside and above the vehicle, offering the best reception. If the vehicle already has a roof-aerial fitted, we can replace this for a combined system.

DAB antenna splitter

If your vehicle has a passive antenna, then we can use a high-quality DAB amplifier splitter. This interface amplifies the existing FM signal and extracts both a DAB signal & FM signal.

Internal antenna

This type on antenna usually goes on the front windscreen and it tends to be the cheapest solution, however, they do not work that well; the main disadvantage is that they cannot be fitted to windscreens that have heated elements or solar reflective screens.

To find out more about our upgrade services, or to discuss your DAB requirements; contact us today.


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