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Vehicle Security & Car Alarm Installation

The impact of vehicle theft is more than just losing your vehicle, it can cause financial and emotional consequences too.

Ultimate Audio is an authorised installer of all big-name vehicle security products including: Clifford, Viper and ScorpionTrack. Our car security system installers are insurance approved and we have over 25 years of experience in security installations on cars, vans, motorhomes and motorbikes. So, whether you own a classic car or a high-performance vehicle, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in safe hands!

We offer a wide range of vehicle security products at our location in Worcestershire such as: car alarms, immobilisers, deadlocks, slamlocks and tracking systems. Scroll down the page to find more information about what we have to offer. All our items can be tailored to meet your individual needs.

The majority of car alarm systems are installed in conjunction with an immobiliser, which makes it impossible for the thief to start your car without the appropriate key fob to disarm it.

An immobiliser makes the car unresponsive, so it cannot be stolen.

However, even the best security for cars can offer little to no protection if they are not installed correctly.

That’s why all of the car security systems we offer are professionally fitted by our own fully trained engineers.

The prices we quote includes installation by professional car security system installers.

Car Alarm Upgrade


Entry car alarm upgrades

Entry alarm upgrades are ideal for those after a security system on a budget.

They are not Thatcham approved; therefore, they won’t save you money on your insurance, however, they still provide protection by alerting you if someone tries to gain entry to your vehicle.

Prices start from:


Remote Start  Car Alarm system

If you’re tired of sitting in your car while you wait for it to warm it up on a cold winter morning, or if you want to cool your car down just in time for when you leave work on a warm summer night, then you should invest in a remote start alarm system!

Clifford manufactures a wide range of remote start options designed to work with a variety of cars and vans.

We offer several different levels and packages.

Prices start from:


Thatcham 2-1 factory upgrade

If your vehicle already has a Thatcham Cat 2 immobiliser and you require an insurance approved alarm, then the Clifford 330x is ideal for you. This Vehicle security system comes with many great features and you can expand the functionality with many optional add-ons.

This system offers:

    • Battery back-up siren
    • Double guard shock sensor
    • Super bright blue LED to deter potential thieves
    • Single immobilisation point
    • This car & van security system uses the vehicle’s existing key fob to arm/disarm

Prices start from:


Thatcham Cat 1 Car Alarm system

If you’re looking for the very best in car alarm installation or your insurance company is stipulating it, then the Clifford Concept 650 is the system for you. This system comes with many great features and you can expand the functionality with many optional add-ons.

This system offers:

  • Dual zone proximity sensor with warn away
  • Dual circuit immobilisation
  • BlackJax anti carjacking (if enabled & required)
  • Multiple programable outputs
  • Battery back-up siren
  • Key fob with 5 buttons

Prices start from:


Touch Key immobiliser

A very simple but extremely efficient immobiliser, consisting of 3 independent immobilisation circuits, touch-keys, automatic arming, and a 4-digit PIN code emergency override.

Touch key immobilisers are insurance approved to Thatcham Category 2 status.

Prices start from:


BlackJax Anti Hijacking Security for Cars

For a fully automatic, quick response, the BlackJax car security system allows the criminal to drive away a safe distance, then seconds later, it will begin to blare the sirens and flash the lights to alert other drivers and witnesses. BlackJax will then pulse down the ignition system to safely force the vehicle to slow to a complete stop. With the sirens blaring, the lights flashing and the engine unable to restart, the carjacker has no choice but to abandon the vehicle.

Prices start from:


Alarm optional add-ons

There are endless possibilities when it comes to alarm add-ons, below are some of the most popular options we get asked about.

Digital tilt sensor

An ultra-sensitive miniature digital tilt sensor can be integrated with most vehicle security systems to detect any tilting or lifting of your vehicle. This is the preferred enhancement to protect expensive wheels and tyres, it can also detect attempts to steal the vehicle using a tow truck or trailer.

Glass Break Sensor

Add to the protection provided by your vehicle security system with this sophisticated audio sensor, which reacts to the frequencies caused by breaking glass. It will trigger the siren even if a thief is able to quietly shatter your window without triggering the standard shock/impact sensor.

Ultra-sonic sensors

Ultra-sonic sensors are fully adjustable interior sensors that can detect movement inside the vehicle’s cabin area. These can be great for adding extra protection to the back of vans.

Shock sensors

Shock sensors will tigger the car alarm system when any impact on the vehicle is detected. They are more sensitive when the impact on the vehicle is closer to the sensor position


This is unique to the Clifford Concept 650 vibration/impact sensor. The omni-sensor has dual sensing levels that can distinguish between attempted intrusions and less significant impacts.

If someone bumps your car with a car door; it will make a warning sound, and if forced entry is detected; the full alarm will sound. The sensor can be adjusted remotely so you can switch it off once you know it’s safe.

Electro luminescent indicator

An electro luminescent indicator is a bright blue flashing indicator light with either the Clifford or Viper logo. It is usually fitted to the front windscreen and it is designed to catch people’s attention and inform them that the vehicle is protected by an upgraded alarm, thus deterring theft.

Internal siren

Designed as a pain generator, this small internal siren keeps thieves from sitting inside the vehicle while it is active. This option is popular on its own, or as part of a bigger car security system.


Designed to give you the exact location of your vehicle at all times, Via either your smartphone or Computer.

Combining a tracker with your car alarm system you can also be alerted anytime the alarm is triggered with a notification on your Smartphone.


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