Car Audio Upgrades

We’ve been upgrading and replacing factory-fitted audio systems for the last 24 years, which enables our customers to enhance their vehicle’s sound quality while still maintaining the original look.

Whatever you drive, if you want to have a better driving experience in your vehicle, we can upgrade your standard factory-fitted sound or entertainment system to enhance your enjoyment.

There can be numerous steps to achieving a good vehicle sound, which range from applying sound deadening with a simple speaker upgrade, to a full on amplified system.

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Digital Radio

DAB Radio.jpg

If you’re a fan of listening to the radio when you’re on the move, then you’ll love having DAB radio in your vehicle. Digital radio is the best way to listen to your favourite FM stations. It gives you access to a wide range of digital-only stations from DAB that are all crystal clear and can be fully, partly or independently installed in your vehicle.

There’s something for everyone on digital radio. From jazz to rock, classical to hip-hop and speech to sport, there’s a station to suit all tastes.

Install an in-car digital radio system and you’ll also benefit from:

  • Increased sound quality – no more hissing or crackling
  • Easy tuning – find the station you want to listen to by name, not frequency
  • Detailed information – digital radios display detailed on-screen information, including track and artist listings
  • Being able to pause and rewind – some digital radio systems also incorporate pause and rewind functionality

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Handsfree Kits

Did you know that you can get an automatic fixed penalty notice if you’re caught using a hand-held phone while driving your vehicle or riding your motorbike?

You’ll also get three penalty points on your licence and a £200 fine. Depending on the circumstances, you can could even wind up getting fined up to £1,000, while bus or goods vehicle drivers could get fined up to £2,500.

Don’t take the risk. Here at Ultimate Audio, we offer the widest range of Bluetooth hands-free kits to suit all vehicles, including:

  • Integrated add-on-systems – that can be operated via your factory stereo and steering wheel controls
  • Simple add-on systems – such as a Parrot hands-free kit that has a separate display and remote control
  • Replacement stereos – that also incorporate Bluetooth hands-free functionality

We’re Parrot-certified installers

We’ve installed thousands of hands-free car kits over the last 24 years and can fit hands-free kits in virtually any car.

Don’t risk the chance of causing an accident or getting a hefty fine or penalty points on your licence, when you can buy a hands-free car kit for as little as £79. Contact Us today on 01527 837847 or

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Sat Nav

We specialise in using products from Alpine, Pioneer and Clarion to offer you a professional installation that looks as good, if not better, than the OEM option.

We offer two types of navigation product – a standalone version that’s best used in vehicles that have a stereo system that can’t be easily replaced and a fixed navigation option.

Standalone navigation

What does it involve?

This type of system is totally separate to the stereo system in the vehicle and can be controlled via a handheld remote control or touch screen monitor.

How is it fitted?

There are several ways in which the screens can be dash mounted or, better still, we can use a monitor that’s built into your rear-view mirror. This option clips over your existing mirror and provides you with a screen, leaving your dashboard free of cables and brackets plus, there’s no visible sign of the technology in your vehicle.

Fixed navigation

What does it involve?

These systems are designed to be installed in vehicles by a professional to the highest standard to ensure they totally look and feel part of the vehicle.

How is it fitted?

Fixed navigation involves replacing your existing car stereo. It’s available in a range of different packages, which include extra features, such as Bluetooth hands-free, USB and iPod connections, and DVD, with the additional option of adding digital TV and a reverse camera. Any number of screen options are available, from slide out single din screens, to double din, or even larger!

This type of system can also be linked to a vehicle’s speed pulse and handbrake, which allows greater navigation accuracy and a safer driving experience.

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Rear Seat Entertainmentrosen_headrest_screen_evoque_1.jpg

We can professionally install rear seat entertainment systems in all kinds of passenger vehicles with a factory quality finish using leading manufacturers, such as AlpineRosen and Clarion to name but a few.

Choose between a multitude of screen fitments, including in-dash, roof mounted, headrests and sun visors, together with DVD/media players, digital TV tuner or games console options.

Whatever your vehicle or your budget, we can provide you with a solution that fits both.

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Tow Bars

As leading tow bar suppliers and fitters, we offer installation in our fully equipped workshop in Bromsgrove.

We can supply a wide variety of tow bars and accessories for vehicles, including vans, commercial vehicles, 4x4s, campervans and HGV vehicles. Our service also extends to wiring and charging systems, if required. 

We also provide tow bars from many of the top manufacturers, such as Witter, Bosal and Westfalia for vehicles, including HGVs, cars, vans, 4×4s and pickups, as well commercial and agricultural vehicles.

All of our tow bars are fitted to the highest standard by our team of highly experienced specialists, are available at the most competitive rates around and are fully guaranteed.

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Witness/Dash Cameras

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A professional-installed witness or dash camera can help avoid unwanted fraudulent claims, crash for cash, accurately log a vehicle’s driving history and speed up the insurance claims process.

Whatever your requirements, we have a dash camera to suit, as we offer a range of dash cameras, including front, rear and internal.

Our team of specialists are also on hand to talk you through the different options to ensure the camera you invest in, fully meets your needs and suits your budget.

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Parking Sensors

Do you want to be able to easily spot hidden obstacles that are behind you when you reverse?

Rear view cameras can help you see exactly what’s at the rear of your vehicle each and every time you reverse. Plus, they’re really easy to use, simply put your vehicle into reverse, and the front screen automatically switches on and shows you what the camera can see.

There are a whole host of different cameras and screens to choose from. To find out more or for help finding the best solution for your vehicle, Contact Us today on 01527 837847 or

Front and rear parking sensors

Parking sensors tend to be mounted on rear bumpers to check the distance between a vehicle and obstacles however, it’s possible to mount them to the front of vehicles too.

They are a great add-on to any vehicle, particularly longer vehicles, including estate cars, vans, and those with limited visibility, such as 4x4s.

These sensors are available in different kits – some just have an audible warning the closer you get to the obstacles, while others, incorporate a visual display on the dashboard factory stereo for that perfect, seamless finish.

We offer a full, colour-coded service, which means all of the sensors we fit, are painted to blend in with the vehicle. Our team of specialists can also flush mount the sensors too.

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Laser Parking Sensors, Laser Diffuser

Stinger VIP, Stinger Card

When it comes to high end speed detection, the Stinger VIP is the ‘Rolls Royce’ of GPS/speed/radar and laser warning detection and protection.

Utilising the latest and most sophisticated vehicle on-board equipment, it protects against GPS speed cameras, Truvelos, Gatsos, mobile radars and laser guns.

All Stinger speed warning systems offer all-round protection against all technologically enforced speed traps while offering a range of functionalities, including:

  • Radar and laser alerting
  • Laser shield
  • Safety signals
  • Spot list and section alerting
  • Police checks

Laser Elite

The Laser Elite is a laser diffuser and parking sensor designed to help you park your vehicle with accuracy and diffuse laser signals aimed at your vehicle.

The parking sensor and laser diffuser is designed to be mounted on to the front of vehicles. It’s compact and discrete to install using a number of detachable cables for quick, stealth installation, waterproof and made from anodised aluminium.

How does it work?

There are four specific preset distances that you can set the Laser Elite to, to provide beeps that alert you to when you are a set distance away from objects. While the laser diffuser will prevent laser guns from detecting your vehicle, including the LTI-TruSpeed Euro/ TruSpeed S and Traffipatrol XR.

In night mode, when activated, the LEDs will only light up when the Laser Elite is powered up and in alert mode when a laser signal is detected. There’s also a silent start-up mode.

The Laser Elite can also recognise and prevent interference from other laser-based systems, such as laser speed traps.

What does installation involve?

The Laser Elite head sensor should be mounted under or around the front number plate or in a grill space, making sure the front covers are not obstructed in any way.

The in-car unit can be mounted under the dashboard or centre console and should ideally be accessible to the driver, as there are switches and LEDs for the driver to use and see when operating the Laser Elite.

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