BMW Audio Upgrades

At Ultimate Audio we have many years experience on upgrading the BMW audio system. Most BMW models i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, X3, X4, X5 and X6 share almost identical set ups which are run on 4″ speakers in the front doors, 6″ speakers underneath the seats and 4″ speakers in the rear and all are run off the original BMW radio. If you have a Harmon Kardon audio (logic 7) or just the standard set up we can give you an amazing sound for your car. For more information and please contact us.

BMW Audio Upgrade Package 1

Upgrading the front speakers of your BMW is a fantastic start to achieving great sound. We start off with soundproofing the doors and door cards. We then upgrade the front door speaker with the Audison Prima range, which includes a 4″ speaker and tweeter.

This set-up can be run off the standard radio to give you a nice clean sound. As a member of the Four Masters group, we also offer a three-year national warranty, as standard.

Cost: From £365 (includes supply and fitting)

BMW Audio Upgrade Package 2

We use exactly the same equipment as in package 1, but we add a four channel Rainbow or Hertz amplifier to give a cleaner and more powerful sound and use one channel for the front mids and tweeters.

The other two channels run the under-seat speakers by using the crossovers of the amp to create a more defined sound. All of the products we use are hidden, so don’t take up any space. As a member of the Four Masters group, we also offer a three-year national warranty, as standard.

Cost: £950 (includes supply and fitting)


BMW Audio Upgrade Package 3

This package involves us taking package 2 and adding a set of 8″ under-seat Eaton subwoofers to it. 

We also install additional soundproofing to give that richer, defined bass. Nothing is on show with this installation, as everything is expertly hidden from view. As a member of the Four Masters group, we also offer a three-year national warranty, as standard.

Cost: £1,450 (includes supply and fitting)

BMW Audio Upgrade Package 4

We provide you with a richer sound for your entire vehicle by upgrading the front door speakers with package 1. We then upgrade the under-seat subs with the Eaton 8″ subwoofers. For the rear of the car, we replace the rear speakers with a set of Rainbow Coaxial and power all the speakers using a Hertz five channel amplifier.

This package typically takes two days to install.

Cost: £1,900 (includes supply and fitting)

The advanced audio upgrade for packages 2, 3 & 4

By adding the Audison Bit Ten processor, you will be provided with a full EQ set-up. With this process, we can equalise the original head unit of the vehicle, which gives a much cleaner audio sound into the amplifiers.

Once completed, we then time correct the whole vehicle to pinpoint the desired sound and fine tune the processor to provide a personal sound.

Cost: £445 (includes supply and fitting)



These above BMW Audio upgrades packages will make a vast improvement on the factory BMW audio and are all systems we have previously installed into cars and have had great feedback from our happy customers.

All of our BMW audio upgrade packages are installed by our team of specialists, will not void your manufacturer’s warranty, can be removed at a later date and put back to factory (ideal option for lease or business vehicles). Our package prices include all accessories, such as cables, cable connectors, sound deadening and fabrication materials, along with a lifetime installation warranty and three-year product warranty.

If you would like to upgrade your vehicle further than these options we would require you to come down to our showroom so we could discuss in more detail and come up with a Bespoke system for you and your vehicle.

For more information or to discuss your requirements with us, Contact our team of specialists on 01527 837847 or to find out more.