Sound Deadening

When upgrading the Audio system in your vehicle one of the key aspects is sometimes overlooked and that is Sound Deadening. In this article, we will discuss the different products to help reduce the road noise and how each one works in a different way.

Modern vehicles are being produced with thinner metals to obtain better MPG while this is a good thing the end result is more vibration from the panels and an increase in road noise within the vehicle. Most of this noise enters through door panels, wheel arches and the floor. In a lot of vehicles, there is only a thin layer of carpet covering the untreated metal panels which certainly doesn’t help.

A substantial reduction in road noise can be achieved by simply applying sound deadening to the metal panels then overlaying with an acoustic foam liner such as the Skinz panel liner.

This treatment will dramatically lower road noise in the vehicle allowing easier communication with passengers, better speaker performance and less driver fatigue.

Sound Deadening / Soundproofing Basics and Tips

When making a vehicle quieter you have three fundamental ways of stopping the unwanted noise reaching the cabin and your ears:


1. Stop Vibration

Skinz Sound Deadening

Noise from the vehicle’s engine, tyres and general road noise can make the metal panels vibrate. These vibrations are then amplified by the resonating panels essentially turning your vehicle into a giant speaker. By applying Skinz sound deadening to the metalwork the vibrations will be dampened and the vehicle will instantly be quieter.


 2. Absorb Sound

Skinz Panel Liner

Once the panels have been amply covered by Skinz sound deadening you then need to reduce the airborne noise that is in between the panels and the vehicle’s trim. The Skinz panel liner helps absorb both the higher and lower frequencies. it can be used to fill the hollow voids between roof panels, door trims and between carpet. The foam lining are also excellent at isolating rattles and plastic panels from vibrating against each other.

3. Engine Noise

Skinz Bonnet Liner

A further step in sound proofing your vehicle is to add a barrier under the bonnet which helps stop the noise of the engine entering through the windscreen and as it also has a reflective coating it provides some heat reflection. Another common use of the Skinz bonnet liner is in generator housings, the rest of the engine compartment and anywhere else that requires heat resistive acoustical foam.

4. Speaker Sound Waves


Skinz Wave Diffuser

another step is to add the Skinz Wave diffuser directly behind each speaker in the doors, This not only helps with the speaker’s performance by reducing the back waves produced by the speaker. But when it is used on the entire panel it will also further reduce any noise entering the vehicle.


The ultimate solution to sound proof / sound deaden a vehicle is, to reduce panel vibrations with Skinz sound deadening mat, add a layer of Skinz panel foam and Bonnet liner, and then finally Skinz wave diffuser behind the speakers or  on the rest of the door panels

Obviously, all these layers may not be practical for all users and installations, however, with these guides in mind you should be able to plan the best solution for your requirements.

If you require any additional help please contact us and we will be able to advise on the best solution for your vehicle.

At Ultimate Audio we highly recommend all the Skinz Sound Deadening products and use them daily to improve both the Audio systems and reduce Road noise in all types of Cars, Vans, Motorhomes & Campervans.

Skinz Expert 3mm Bulk PackSkinz Sound Deadening

This pack contains 27 sheets of Skinz 3mm sound deadening sheets that will cover up to 30 sqft and come in easy to apply sheets measuring 375mm x 265mm

Cost: £99.00

Skinz Expert 3mm Speaker Kit

This pack  is designed to be enough to sound deaden a small area or improve the performance of your speakers and two contains 7sheets of Skinz 3mm sound deadening sheets that will cover up to 7.8 sqft and come in easy to apply sheets measuring 375mm x 265mm

Cost: £29

Skinz Pro 2mm Bulk KitSkinz Pro Sound Deadening

Skinz Pro Sound deadening 2mm the best all round sound deadening for getting the big jobs done and comes in a nice black finish

Contains 20 Sheets measuring 750mm x 530mm  and can cover up to 42.78 sqft

Cost: £129

Skinz Wave Diffuser

Skinz Wave Diffuser

The Wave diffuser is an ultra dense foam damping material used extensively to control acoustics in the studio recording industry and designed to reduce the back waves produced by a speaker, ensuring a tighter punchy mid/bass speaker performance.

each pack contains enough for two speakers and measure 280mm x 280mm

Cost: £19

Skinz Panel liner

Skinz Panel Liner

Skinz panel liner is Adhesive backed, is ideal for acoustically lining your doors or any other panels in your vehicle, this can also be applied over Skinz sound deadening for better performance and a better aesthetic finish. It is available in two thicknesses and to purchase in separate sheets for small jobs or as a bulk kit.

Bulk kit Cost:

10mm – 6 Sheets 600mm x 500mm 19.4sq.ft – £79

6mm – 9 x Sheets 600mm x 500mm 29sq.ft – £89

Individual sheet Costs:

6mm – 600mm x 500mm £15

10mm – 600mm x 500mm £12

Skinz Bonnet Liner

Skinz Bonnet Liner

The Skinz bonnet liner is adhesive backed, the is designed for acoustically lining your bonnet to reduce the engine noise entering your vehicle through the windscreen in your vehicle. It also has a reflective coating to reflect the heat from the engine. On some vehicles, you will require multiple sheets to cover the entire bonnet.

Each pack contains 1 Sheet 1000 x 1000 x 20mm

Cost: £79

Skinz Preparation Spray

Skinz Preparation Spray

The ultimate residue-free clean. To help prepare any metal surface for automotive sound deadening products first use the Skinz preparation spray, Simply spray on and wipe off with a clean cloth and then apply Skinz sound deadening.

1 x 400ml Aerosol can

Cost: £5

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