Upgraded Ford Alarm Systems

In the last few months we have seen an increase in the number of vehicle theft through the OBD port (On Board Diagnostic port) and key cloning. All the potential thief needs to do is gain access to the vehicle, Normally by smashing the window or by using a turbo decoder to unlock the door and then plug the diagnostic tool into the Ford OBD Port, program a new key and then they can drive the vehicle away, All this can be done in less than a minute and without the factory alarm even making a sound.

Thats why at Ultimate Audio we have put together a range of security upgrades for all vehicles however focusing more so on the Ford Focus RS, Ford Focus ST & Ford Fiesta ST as these particular high value vehicles are what is being targeted by the thieves in and around the Birmingham area.

Clifford or Viper alarm systems are always our first choice and recommended alarm system for Ford owners, as these are the most sophisticated and versatile alarm system available on the market with many additional features that can be added to increase the level of protection required. All our alarm systems are tailored to your requirements and designed to work completely independently from the factory Ford alarm system, adding at least one more additional immobiliser cut making it almost impossible for the thief to steel your Ford without the Clifford or Viper remote control.

Depending on the model & Year of your Ford we will use the Clifford DBall Can Bus adaptor loaded with the Ford Firmware, this allows the alarm to communicate to the car digitally picking up all the signals needed such as door open, bonnet, boot, indicators, Ect and can even allow you to arm the Alarm using your factory remote control. However the only way to disarm the system would be using the Viper or Clifford Remote, Even if you used the Ford proximity key the vehicle would not start and the siren would sound and if you are within range the Ghost remote control will also start flashing and making a sound too.

Every installation carried out by Ultimate Audio is to the highest standards using Ford harness tape you wont be able to tell the Alarm ECU apart from other factory fitted equipment in the vehicle. All of our alarm systems are first prepared outside of the vehicle making sure they are as neat as possible before being fitted to the vehicle, This is the only way you can guarantee a first class installation.

Alarm Accessories

With All the Clifford & Viper alarm systems you can add many different accessories to further protect the vehicle below is the various system add-ons available with a description of what they do.

  • The Clifford Digital Tilt sensor detects even minor lifting or rolling of the vehicle without any of the false alarms common to all other tilt and motion sensors. A must for vehicles with upgraded wheels and tires. Automatically self-adjusting.
  • The most effective vehicle-intrusion sensor. This dual zone radar sensor detects moving high-density objects using RF field-disturbance technology. Ideal for convertibles or any application where zone-intrusion protection is desired. Interfaces directly with any Directed Electronics alarm system offering a multiplex input for perimeter-intrusion response (Clifford/Viper). New custom-chip design for outstanding stability and performance.
  • Glass/Audio Sensor
  • Provides pre-entry protection by detecting tampering and breaking of vehicle’s glass.
  • Reliable CMOS design with remote microphone analyzes frequency, intensity and timing of intrusion sounds to eliminate false alarms.
  • Provide coverage of a vehicle’s interior cabin area. The sensors detect movement inside the vehicle by sensing air disturbance. They should trigger the alarm if a thief has gained access to the interior of your vehicle. Fully adjustable.
  • The most effective protection against shock/impact.
  • Uses patented electromagnetic technology to eliminate mechanical parts. Two outputs are provided. The first offers a Warn Away response on light impact and the second instantly triggers the alarm on hard impact.
  • Carjacking Response & Vehicle Recovery System
  • BlackJax is Clifford’s unique anti-carjacking response system that puts personal safety first while using innovative advancements to ensure that users can recover the vehicle themselves. If an armed car thief approaches – whether at a stoplight or in a parking lot (where most carjackings occur) – immediately turn over the keys and remote and let Clifford technology take over.
  • BlackJax is fully automatic: no buttons or transmitters to push when a gun is involved. Just get away from the vehicle. BlackJax allows the criminal to drive away a safe distance. Then, a few seconds later, BlackJax blares the siren and flashes the lights to alert other drivers and witnesses. It then pulses down the ignition system to safely force the vehicle to slow to a complete stop. Siren blaring and lights flashing, unable to restart the engine, the carjacker has no choice but to abandon the vehicle.
  • BlackJax offers immediate vehicle self-recovery. With the vehicle immobilized a short distance away, the owner can recover it. No special tracking units, monthly fees or per-use charges. Just follow the sound of the BlackJax siren, then enter the PIN code. That’s it – it’s sabotage-proof. The only way to turn off BlackJax is with a secret user-selectable PIN code. If the carjacker tries guessing codes at random, BlackJax actively ignores his code entries for the next few minutes. Even if he were to find and remove the BlackJax control unit, he would still be unable to restart the engine. That’s Clifford technology you can count on

Now you can remote start, lock and unlock your car just by pushing a button on your smartphone; using the Viper SmartStart App from Directed, the leader in vehicle security and remote start. The simple graphical interface gives you control over the following features of your installed Viper remote start or security with remote start system:

SmartStart GPS lets you locate and control your car from almost anywhere. Set your phone to alert you if your vehicle visits certain areas, find your car in a parking lot, or set a speed limit alert. We’ve added a host of great new features previously unavailable in any single app, such as vehicle locator, social check in, speed alert and lock down alert. You can even receive a notification when your car leaves or enters a designated zone.