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Audio Upgrades and Car HiFi is one of our main specialities at Ultimate Audio and all the products we sell are hand picked from the leading manufacturers in the car audio industry.

When replacing the stereo we would generally recommend either Alpine, Pioneer or Clarion. In some cases, you may even want an IPad or other Tablet device fabricated into your dashboard to control your media.

The choice is ultimately yours. However, we don’t just simply fit new products. Using our extensive experience, we’ll also advise you on the option that meets your needs, fits your budget and suits your vehicle.

The next step is to add an amplifier, ideally from either HertzAudison or Rainbow, who have products within their ranges that, coupled with good installation, can suit any application. As a Four Master, we also offer a three-year warranty on all of these amplifiers.

After we’ve chosen the stereo and amplifier, we then move on to the speakers which, again we would carefully choose from the Hertz, Audison or Rainbow range after consulting you on your requirements.

An additional optional would be to add a signal processor to the system, which takes the hi-fi to the next level. We tend to use the Audison Bit One, Bit TenD, Bit Ten or Hertz H8 DSP, all of which allow:

  • De-equalisation of the stereo
  • Time alignment to pinpoint the desired sound
  • A 31 band EQ, so we can fine-tune the audio system

We use Connection cables throughout with fuse holders, power distribution, phono leads and Skinz Sound Deadening for all of our installations. Many of our installations are also designed and installed to be completely hidden from sight, the only sign of them is when you switch on your engine and enjoy the quality of the sound that surrounds you.

When we design a system there are three key aspects that apply and that is the Customers preference, the Vehicle and finally the Budget.


The above images show the Audison Bit Ten installed into a Jaguar XF (left) and BMW 3 Series (right). On both systems, the rest of the system is hidden away once the vehicle trim has been put back together. Once the Audison Bit Ten processor has been correctly set up using our RTA and Audison Bit Tune, there’s no longer any need to have access to it as all future modifications are changed using a laptop and Audison’s software via a laptop. We also install a USB lead in an easy-to-access location. The BMW has a Hertz 5 channel amplifier fitted under the boot floor, which was used to power the Rainbow under-seat woofers, 4″ mid-range and tweeters to achieve much better sound definition.


The above images show Skinz Sound Deadening applied to the doors. This is arguably one of the most important aspects of upgrading your vehicle hi-fi, as it can easily make the speakers perform twice as good as a better speaker installed with no sound deadening. When a speaker is played, sound comes from the front, as well as the back of the cone, which is reflected off the door skin and comes back through the door. Since the sound waves are basically a mirror of the sound waves coming from the front of the speaker, you get a huge sound cancellation. Sound deadening creates a soundproof baffle for the speaker so the rear sound wave is completely isolated and when using the Skinz Wave Diffuser, this further decreases it, reinforces the panel that the speakers are mounted to and decreases any vibrations, resonance and rattling.


The above images are from our BMW E46 demo vehicle, which is on-site most days for you to listen to. The left image shows the front doors featuring two Audison Voce 6.5″ woofers and a 3″ mid-range speaker housed in a custom enclosure and then trimmed in black Alcantara. The right image shows the Audison Voce AV 5.1K amplifier and Audison Voce 12″ Subwoofer, which is also lit up by white LEDs. This vehicle also has an Audison Bit Ten D processor fitted behind one of the panels in the boot and an Alpine stereo. The sound from the stereo is sent to the Audison processor via optical cable and then digitally transferred to the Audison amplifier before powering the front speakers semi active with the mid-range and tweeters going through a crossover. This approach ensures there’s no loss of signal through analogue to digital conversions and gives a rich, highly defined, clear sound stage while sitting in the front seats. This complete system with all equipment, custom door and boot builds costs around £6,000.

If you have any questions or would like to more information on upgrading the audio system in your vehicle please contact us.

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